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Size is very important for maximum pain relief

It is normal for people to use personal preferences on the fit of a new bracelets.  It is not a good idea with magnetic pain relief bracelets.  We are told " I want it to fit real snug" or I like when it can slide up and down my arm".  If a bracelet with magnetic clasps is too tight a person can flex their wrists and pop it off their arm.   If a bracelet with magnetic clasps is too loose it can attach to an iron surface and you will not feel it come off. 

The best method of sizing is to place the tip of your index finger on the spot where you want the bracelet to rest.  Measure that area including the fingertip.  This will be the ideal size for you.  You will be able to put your fingertip under the magnetic pain relief bracelet when you are wearing it.  It will move a short distant on your wrist.  If an iron object pulls your bracelet from your wrist, you will feel it leave your wrist and be able to retrieve it.  Another method is to measure your wrist and add 1/4 inch. 

The proper fit for an ankle bracelet can be measured in the same method.  People seem to like more looseness in their ankle bracelets than they do in wrist bracelets.  This is fine as long as it cannot slide over the ankle bone.  If it can it will slide down into their shoe.  This is quite uncomfortable.   Wear it under socks and over a hose. 

Many of our competitors use 1/2-inch increments for their bracelets.  We use 1/4-inch increments.  It is a lot more work for us.  It nearly doubles our cost of inventory, but we feel the proper fit is that important. 

If you follow these guides you will be happy with your purchase.  The bracelet will provide maximum help to you.