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Our life making magnetic healing bracelets

For the past 30 years, our owners have lived in West Fargo, North Dakota.  Ed worked as a salesman and Vivian worked for the WIC Program. They raised 2 terrific kids.  Their daughter and son live in this area and they see them frequently.  They have 2 grandchildren who are very dear to them.  They like their home and enjoy pretty good health.  Their plan was to take early retirement at 62; Ed had a job lined up for 30 hours a week, which he knew would be enough when combined with his pension.  Even better, with a Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday work schedule, they would have 4-day weekends to enjoy.

Seven months before this began, Ed bent over to pick up a box and their lives changed.  He somehow managed to take out 4 discs in his back at one time.  He couldn't work with the pain and couldn't get his right leg to rise high enough to step into this truck.  For 6 months, they tried therapy, but it didn't improve.  He met with a neurosurgeon who told him that surgery wasn't recommended - she said it would get progressively worse and he would have to adjust to it.  He went to a specialist in Minneapolis for a second opinion but heard the same things.  The specialist said the surgery was available, but the risks were too high at that point.  He said Ed should avoid surgery as long as he could tolerate the pain.  If Ed couldn't, then they would go to the surgical process.

Ed was very fortunate to get the best pain doctor in town.  He has been excellent to work with and he kept the pain within reason.   However, there were still some bad days each week.  One week, on a vacation, they stopped in a small "ghost town" in Arizona where a man was selling magnetic bracelets.  Vivian talked to him about his back injury.   It was identical to Ed's and he said the magnetism really helped him.  Vivian found Ed and told him to come to see the man.  Ed thought it was a bunch of nonsense, but she was so enthused that he went along and purchased one.

Within an hour, Ed knew something was going on.  He felt lightheaded, but it was not really an accurate description of how he was feeling.  There was no dizziness, but he felt something.  When the pain was bad, as it was that day, his right leg would be out-of-sync with the rest of his body.  It was slightly behind the rest of the body and it would appear to drag a little behind his other leg.  The first positive sign Ed noticed was that he was walking more normally than earlier that day.. It was about 2 hours after the purchase that Vivian noticed the improvement as well.  There was a slow but steady improvement in the pain for 3 days and then it leveled off.  Ed was euphoric and could not believe that a bracelet could make such a difference.  Then, he became paranoid and worried it would be temporary.

When they returned home, Ed was happy the magnetic bracelet was still effective.  He worried he would break or lose it, so he called Arizona and ordered another one for a spare.  It's a long, sad story, but it didn't come.  The guy swore he sent it and that Ed was trying to rip him off.  Ed believed he was being ripped off and didn't like it.  Eventually, they worked things out and Ed got a new bracelet.  Meanwhile, during this adventure, Ed's grandson managed to break Ed's bracelet.  He was without one for about 10 days and the pain gradually increased back to the original level.   When he finally got the new bracelet, it subsided again.  Ed didn't trust the guy in Arizona to be his permanent supplier, so he decided to find a local supplier.  He couldn't find one, so he tried the Internet, but couldn't find the kind of beaded ones he preferred.

Ed decided to make his own.  He ordered some supplies to make his own magnetic healing bracelets.  "After all," he thought, "how hard can it be to string some beads?"  He quickly learned how hard it was.  His first attempts fell apart or looked so bad he wouldn't wear them. It took nearly 50 tries before he could make one he liked.  He slowly improved, but most of the attempts took many rebuilding tries to complete them. Before long, other people started asking Ed to make magnetic bracelets for them.  His neighbor wanted one, as did Ed's sister-in-law. He began looking or a better line and found what he wanted after a few hundred dollars and a couple of hundred hours testing lines. He began to make them for sale and sold them through craft stores and friends.