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Magnetic Healing Through A Restless Leg Syndrome Bracelet

There's a reason for you to have your own healing magnets with you. The earth's magnetic field has been weakening for decades.  It currently is at the lowest point in recorded history.  As it has weakened the effect on humans has also declined.  As it weakened the access to the magnetic field has lessened.  Having a magnetic healing bracelet can help. We live behind concrete, brick and steel.  We spend our lives indoors, not outside like previous generations.  These conditions have caused a lowering level of help from the earth's magnetic field.  This week, CBS News reported that the decline in strength of the earth's magnetic field is actually 10 times greater than previously reported.  Humans will be at increased level of magnetic deficiency than any time in our history.  Dr. Kyoichi Nakagawa is the leading researcher on this deficiency.  Our bodies need exposure to magnetics and more and more people need more exposure than they can get from the earth's magnetic field.

During the past few decades we have added many new diseases and ailments.  Three, in particular are fibromyalgia, carpal tunnel, and restless leg syndrome have increased in frequency and potency as the magnetic field has declined.  These same conditions are among the problems receiving the most relief from applied magnetics.  The first time I heard someone being diagnosed with fibromyalgia was the first time I had heard of the ailment.  It seemed to be a rare disease and one with questionable accreditation.  Now it seems to be a frequent diagnosis, but still one that is difficult to understand.   Restless Leg Syndrome is another problem for humans that seems to be increasing in frequency.  It is difficult for persons afflicted with Restless Leg Syndrome to sleep at night.  It often affects two people as it is difficult for the partners of the afflicted to obtain a good night's sleep.

During the past 15 years that we have been making and selling magnetic products, we have helped thousands of people with the three conditions.  Fibromyalgia is generally relieved by wearing a magnetic bracelet.  Persons with carpal tunnel generally find relief from a wrist bracelet.  Restless Leg Syndrome is frequently relieved by wearing an ankle bracelet at night.  Help is available to them if they choose to use it.