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Quad Strand Bracelets

The magnetic bracelets we make aren't only therapeutic, they are also quite fashionable.  We use high-quality materials.  We use extremely strong clasps to minimize the chances of losing the bracelet.  All of our products are guaranteed for workmanship and materials.

Choosing the proper size is extremely important

Most people like their wrist bracelet to fit more snug than, say, and magnetic ankle bracelet. If the bracelet is too loose, it will slip over their hand too easily and could get lost. As long as the magnetic bracelet cannot slide over the thumb and hand, you won't have to worry about losing it. Our magnets are strong and won't become detached with normal wear and day-to-day activities. 

Many of our competitors use 1/2-inch increments for their bracelets.  We use 1/4-inch increments. It is a lot more work for us, as it nearly doubles our cost of inventory, but we feel the proper fit is that important. 

Measure your wrist twice--order once

If you follow these guides you will be happy with your purchase.  The bracelet will provide maximum help to you.

The best way to measure your wrist is to place the tip of your finger on the spot of your wrist where you want it to rest.  Then have someone measure the wrist including the tip of the finger.  This will allow some movement with a good fit. 

Although we only show 3 models on our site, we can make the four strand bracelets with any of the square stones or square crystals shown in our two strand line.