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Like our magnetic bracelets, the magnetic necklaces we make aren't only therapeutic, they are also quite fashionable.  We use high-quality materials.  We use extremely strong clasps to minimize the chances of losing the necklace..  All of our products are guaranteed for workmanship and materials.

Small increments equal a custom fit for your magnetic necklace

We make necklaces in two-inch increments, beginning with 16 inches. Many of our competitors offer them in 4-inch increments. Most women use 18-inch necklaces.  Most men prefer 20-inch or 22-inch lengths.  We will custom make the length you need.

Measuring for your magnetic necklace

It's important to measure for your magnetic necklace if you have never worn one. You can either put a necklace on that fits the length you like or simply simulate a necklace with some string and measure the length of it when it fits your liking. Necklace length is a personal preference. Some people want it to hang a little lower while others want it to fit a little more snug where it can be seen over a shirt. 

Measure your wrist twice for the fit you want

Well, ok, you may not have to measure twice like a good carpenter, but it certainly helps to measure if you don't know which size fits you the best. If you follow the guides we have provided, you will be happy with your purchase and love the fit, the look, and the feel of your magnetic necklace. It will provide maximum help to you.