Magnetic Healing For Restless Leg Syndrome September 10 2015

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In fact, we will take this opportunity to address one of our magnetic healing questions below.

Dear Magnetic Healing Experts,
I have trouble sleeping at night as I have restless leg syndrome. Many nights I toss and turn trying to make my leg relax and get comfortable. Mostly, it is a futile effort. I do not even remember the last really good night of sleep I had. I usually wake up feeling like I was up doing stuff all night long. What can I do about restless leg syndrome? I have tried almost every conceivable remedy. I have heard of the healing powers of magnets and I am hopeful that there is a product that is right for my situation. Thank you for answering my question.
Restless in Reno
Dear Restless,
We absolutely can help you. With the Earth’s declining magnetic field slowly eroding away, there has been an increase in cases of restless leg syndrome so you are not alone. We have several magnetic ankle bracelet options that will help your restless leg feel comfortable enough to “calm down.” You will sleep better with your leg comfortable the entire night so you can wake up refreshed and ready to roll. You will especially love how comfortable our magnetic ankle bracelets feel. Most people like a little bit of room in the slack of their magnetic anklet than they do with a bracelet. Since we use ¼ - inch increments, we can get the exact size that fits you best for maximum comfort. If you love bright colors you will love this Pain Relief Magnetic Silver Bead and Multicolor Barrel Anklet. We get so many compliments on how attractive our magnetic healing anklets look out on the town. If you like a little more of a steely, conservative look, then we recommend this Pain Relief Magnetic Black Bead with Black Twists Anklet. People are surprised at how they are able to dress them up for a big night out on the town or dress them down with casual wear for a relaxing evening.
You will also find that our magnetic bracelets and magnetic necklaces have the same healing powers as our anklets. More people than ever before are afflicted with osteoarthritis or rheumatoid arthritis. There is significant research that suggests that magnetic therapy is a superior alternative to treating arthritis with nonsteroidal anti-inflammatories.If you know anyone that is suffering from any kind of arthritis, you will want to introduce them to our magnetic healing jewelry.
Thank you for writing in with your question. Please let us know how you are progressing with your restless leg syndrome. We are excited for you to try magnetic healing.
Vivian’s Magnetic Bracelets